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I urgently needs funds bc my dog needs to get X-rays and bc I’m about to get a new pup to train as a sd, I have the funds just after wards i don’t have any for bills and therapy and I owe someone money and need to pay them

No holding, has to be sent once approved  
Ask about if any are on hold, bc I’m gonna take it off if anyone’s interested
If you purchase like over $30 worth I can discount or throw in another character for free……

If you could help let me know who you’re interested i

I doubt anyone will comment but thought I’ll try here aswell
i want them gone……

ask how much or offer what you think theyre worth
I'm looking for HQ customs and adopts 
pastel/scene/un natural colours 
animals, preferred things like canine, feline, wolverine, lynx anything in those categories 

super picky I will be

Drop info or what ever
Sparkle animals only 

i feel like doodling things 
drop a ref

edit : will get the other two beings done on the weekend 
That can actually be sent to me (in Australia) ofc I can cover postage 
human or furry i don't mind 
so if you can send the piece, comment your prices and tos
I really wanna hold a art contest with money prizes 
but I don't know if anyone would join

it would probably be over $100 in prizes 
but I don't want only 5 people to join

maybe if i start smaller amounts and add more money if more people enter idk
If you're gonna take commissions,  
can you please answer your notes

ugh this isn't just one person 
I find it very unprofessional especially when I've paid you already 
It makes you look like a scammer 
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// if you have any questions about these feel free to ask
these are just ones I've documented down 

this isn't to rush anyone, I just need to keep track



smolworld - 0/2 commissions - PAID -
GummyAsh - art for characters 2/5 completed 
pawplush - ych - PAID $4 or 400 points 
0ptimism - anthro chibi? - PAID $4
happy-stabby - art slave ?/25 completed - PAID $25
sanguine-tarsier - 2010 art trade // that'll I'll probably never get 
Seishin-Hound - flower gore - PAID 
Linkenna - 1/5? commission - PAID
lilyote - full body - PAID $35
ItaSlipy - 1/2 icons & full colour - PAID $20 and $55
liontoys - fullbody, chibi - PAID $32, $14
O-C-T-O-B-E-R - 1/2 fullbodies - PAID 1100points
Choco-Floof - animation - PAID £30
FOXFRE4K - fullbody - PAID $5
LUAQ - bust - PAID 75 points 
NearTheStars - chibi & tiles - PAID $4 & $12
fus-ro-damn - 1/5 bean chibs & art for a character - PAID $35 & $80
hex000000 - 2 character fullbody & fullbody w bg - PAID $60 & $45


citrinelle - 0/2 commissions- PAID $35 & $50
EnviedAurora - 1 commission- PAID $25 
lunaofwater - ref


Demon.rikachi - 1 Commission - PAID $38


I've had my Midnight fursona since 2009, and I've changed their design over the years 

and I really love their design and is so attached to them 

but idk I guess I want something new with them 
I don't know what excactly 

i don't feel like I could connect to any other design
i was inspired by a plushie kidcore design I saw and thought of designing my own and maybe making a offical pastel design 
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I'm pretty sure I've lost art I've commissioned off my computer, like I was going though my dA favourites folder Meow, where I store all art for me, and there was art I had actually forgotten existed and never saw in my computer folders

so I'm re saving every thing but most things by artists are in storage 

and I'm to anxious to ask them, especially when I don't even have the names of the art, or even remember what, so it'll be like they're blindly looking for art of my characters

damn ;-;
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  • Listening to: You Stupid Girl

I wish I could just talk to people

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 2, 2013, 4:06 AM

And make friends
Or being able to keep them 

But no
Cause I'm such a fuck up 
Who has major trust issues
Who is unable to keep conversations going or start them
Or even knows how to make friends anymore

And besides everyone gets bored and leaves me anyway

Well I've fucking had it
I'm over every fucking thing 

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Ignore this

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 24, 2013, 2:40 AM


 I had a  a crush on you
And then you stopped talking to me
And I kinda regretted  not telling you 
But nothing matters cause you wouldn't have cared anyway

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i wanna paint
but I have no paint
the horrors
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I keep trying to tell you it's getting worst , but you don't listern, you say im doing so well, that I shouldn't cut, that I can beat it
I want to cut, cause no one seems to care any other way, I want to show ima not doing fine but my words mean nothing, actions always speak louder,
I feel like going into hospital but you said you wont visit, Ima scared I don't want to waste the only long holiday I get in a year, and then school I'll fall so far behind, I already am, I can't do this I won't end it, I can't leave my dog behind , the psychologist only says " Im sorry you feel that way" I don't want you to be sorry I want you to help me I need you to help me
I just can't do this stand this
No one cares, not friends not family not anyone
Im over this I just want to runaway and hide